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Visiting Google Store in London

It is actually not a Google Store, but a shop in shop concept at Currys.

I must say it was kind of disappointing. I expected more from Google. My visit was Monday the 16th of March. Shortly after they opened.

Their set up has great potential, but the placement is not good. They should have opened their own brand store. Then it had been much cooler.

I like what they have included and how they have build the window decoration as an experience you can try.  I think that Google offers a great interactive experience which large screens and a great impressions of how cool Google Earth is, you get the opportunity to control it on the large screen.

But you don´t the great brand experience when it is a shop in shop solution in a multimedia discount store. The rest of the store is a typical multimedia store with all kids of electronic products. I never god the same brand feel that you get when you walk into an Apple Store.

If you are in London you should visit if you are interested in how stores can offer digital and interactive experiences.

Input to Google: Google please open you own brand store – the potential is big.

You can find the Curry store in London at Tottenham Court Road.

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Google Store


11075123_10153119289985139_1720639826_n Google Store London –
Outside Google store


Google Crome
Google Store London

Video from Google Store London


Try the camera – it is fun ! get pictures send to your mail.

Most fun, see where the images are stored 🙂 – will upload this is a new post……


Google London store adress:
Currys PC World
145-149 Tottenham Court Road
London W1T 7NE, United Kingdom

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